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It is with great pleasure that STOX Distribution has announced its support for the PNEUVEMBRE® 2020 campaign.

What is the main goal of PNEUVEMBRE® ?

From October 15th to December 1st, 2020, participating retailers are asked to invite their clients to make a donation to PROCURE by adding $4 to their invoice, or $1 for each tire changed, bought or stored. The amount of all donations colletcted durins the PNEUVEMBRE campaign must be send out by cheque to PROCURE before January 15th 2021.

Prizes to win for all participating retailers

  • WEEKLY PRIZES – 12 meals for 2 people each week at La Cage | Brasserie sportive - Value of $50
  • For every dollar claimed on the weekly Donation Report sent to PROCURE a retailer obtains one (1) entry to participate in the Weekly Prizes and Grand Prizes draw. (see contest rules)

Every STOX Representative can actively participate to the PNEUVEMBRE® campaign and in the weekly and final draw.

For every $ 4 of a retailer or tire dealer you register, you will have ONE (1) additional chance of winning one of the 5 grand prizes or one of 12 weekly prizes.

After presenting the PNEUVEMBRE® campaign to your customer, you can easily register for a car dealership or a tire dealer yourself, and then start to collecte your chances to win.


Registration of your client to the 2020 PNEUVEMBRE® in 5 easy steps

  1. On the official website of the campaign 
  2. On the Home page, click on the « Register to PNEUVEMBRE » in the upper right corner of your screen
  3. Complete the Regristration Form and make sure to indicate :
    1. The name of your contact, name and address of his organization, phone number and email so we can send them their Free Starter Kit
    2. Please be sure to select your name for the question "Has a STOX Distribution representative asked you to register?'' So that we can count this participant in your account
    3. For the password, please enter « stox »
  4. Inform your client that he will receive an email confirming his registration for PROCURE's PNEUVEMBRE® campaign and that a free starting kit will be sent to him within the next few days
  5. Consult the ranking of your registered customers on the official website of the campaign 

Your contact at PROCURE

For any questions, your point of contact at PROCURE will be Myriam Dandache , who can be reached at 514-341-3000 or toll-free at 1-800-899-2873.

Detailed procedure for registering a participant


  1. On the home page, click the « Register to PNEUVEMBRE» blue button in the upper right corner of your screen - Or click here 
Procéd. 1.png


  1. Complete the registration form and please make sure to :
    1. Fill out all the contact details of your main contact at the dealership. This person will be responsible for receiving the starting kit sent by PROCURE, forwarding the weekly solicitation results in order to participate in the draw.
      1. First and last name: First and last name of the person in charge of the campaign 
      2. Organisation name: Name of retailer or tire dealer
      3. Email: Email of the person in charge of the campaign
      4. Phone: Phone of the person in charge of the campaign
    2. Fill out all information about the participant's address
      1. We need their coordinates so we can send them their Free Starter Kit
Procéd. 2.png


  1. Complete the form for additional information
    1. « Has a Distribution Stox representative asked you to register? »
      1. Please select your name in the representative drop list  
      2. If your name is not in the list, please contact Myriam Dandache from PROCURE - 1 855 899-2873
    2. « Fundraising goal », please indicates $200 »
      1. This amount represents the minimum amount of funds to be raised to be eligible for the Grand Prize draw.
    3. « Introduction message »
      1. Please leave this box blank
    4. « Password » & « Password confirmation »
      1. Enter « stox » as your new password
    5. « I'm not a robot »
      1. Please check the box
    6. You are done! Please click on the « Submit » blue button
Procéd. 3.png


  1. Successful registration
    1. If the form contains no error or empty required field, the following page will open.
      Procéd. 4.png
  1. Confirmation Email
    1. The person in charge will receive a confirmation email to the email address that you indicated in the registration form. 
    2. Please make sure to advise the person in charge that they will receive, within 3 business days, a PNEUVEMBRE® starter Kit with the STOX and PROCURE logo.
  2. Your Free Starter Kit includes these 3 following items:
    1. ONE (1) Thank You poster
      1. Choose a visible wall on which donors will stick their tire-shaped coupons.
    2. 200 Tire-shaped coupons
      1. Your customers can write their names on the coupons and stick to your Donor Wall.
    3. TWO (2) counter-top displays
      1. Place the counter-top displays on your technicians’ workstations.
    4. Suggested presentation
      1. Rally your team to support a cause that 12 Quebecers a day are diagnosed with prostate cancer.


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