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Presented by PROCURE, PNEUVEMBRE® is a campaign specifically geared towards the automotive industry and requires no financial commitment from car dealerships or tire dealers. The goal of the PNEUVEMBRE  campaign is to raise awareness in Quebecers about prostate cancer during the winter tire change period.

To start your PNEUVEMBRE campaign, you need to follow these 4 steps:

  1. Fill in the PNEUVEMBRE® registration form. To register for free, click here.
  2. After you have completed your registration, you will receive the promotional material by mail - a FREE Starter Kit which includes the following items:
    • 1 thank you poster 
    • 200 Tire-shaped coupons
    • 2 Counter-top displays
  3. Verify that a $1 non-taxable item has been added to your billing system
  4. Schedule a meeting with your technical advisers to inform them about the PNEUVEMBRE campaign and the prizes to be won - 5 luxury suites and 12 meals for 2 persons each week to La Cage | Sports Bar during the winter tire change period - October 15 to December 1, 2019.

You are now ready to help fight against prostate cancer, one tire at a time.
If you have any questions, you can contact a PROCURE representative at 1 855 899-2873 or 514-341-3000.

A Starter Kit includes the following items:

ONE Thank you poster

Choose a visible wall on which donors will stick their tire-shaped coupons. (91cm x 30.5 cm / 36 inches x 12 inches)


200 Tire-shaped coupons

Your customers can write their names on the coupons and stick to your Donor Wall. You can order additional Donor coupons by multiples of 200.


TWO counter-top displays

Place the counter-top displays on your technicians’ workstations.  (25.5cm x 32.5cm / 10 inches x 11.75 inches)


Suggested presentation

Rally your team to support a cause that 12 Quebecers a day are diagnosed with—prostate cancer.

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If you have any questions, you can contact a PROCURE representative at 1 855 899-2873 or 514-341-3000.

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